To register an application on Pinterest, please follow all steps below:

  1. Login to Pinterest and go to Pinterest Developer Page to create application.
  2. If this's the first you create Pinterest app, you'll see below. You choose the option: "I agree to the Pinterest Developer Terms and the API Policy" and press "Create app" button.
    Pinterest : Accept Terms form
  3. If this isn't the first you create Pinterest app, you just press "Create app" button. Then, please fill the information like the image below:
    Pinterest : Create App form
  4. Press "Create" button and you created app success!
  5. You find "Platforms" section, in the "Web", you fill the information below:

    • Site URL:
    • Redirect URIs: . And press "Enter" in keyboard.

    Pinterest : Platforms form

  6. If done, press "Save" button.

  7. In the top of the page, you can see the "App ID" and "App secret". If you want see "App secret", please press "Show" button.
    Pinterest : Get API
  8. In SocialAll page, you choose tab "Networks" ---> choose "Pinterest" ---> fill the "App ID" and "App secret" into form like image below:
    Pinterest : Config API
  9. Finaly, you press "Save" button.